Friday, 13 July 2012

Results of the Golfing Challenge at Warmington on the 30th June 2012

Thanks to the work of a great team of groundspeople the green at Warmington was transformed into a course to rival St Andrews.  Top golfers from around the world couldn't make it, but some keen golfers from the local area took on the challenge to see who would emerge as the Edgehill Games Champion.

The champions were decided by their combined scores across three disciplines

  • Putting
  • Chipping golf balls at a target
  • Chipping tennis balls at tyres – another sport to watch out for in future Olympics!

It was a close fought competition with each of the teams showing strengths in different areas.  Nick Gunn reached a record score on the chipping at the target which helped to secure him the individual Gold for the men, but great consistency across the team meant that Warmington brought home the team Gold.
The juniors present also had a go and all received a medal for their display of excellent golfing skills

The winners were:

Men’s Event
Gold Medal
Nick Gunn representing Kineton
Silver Medal
Jim Saxton representing Kineton
Bronze Medal
Graham Squires representing Warmington

Women’s Event
Gold Medal
Jennie Boyle representing Warmington
Silver Medal
Edwina Iwanek representing Kineton
Bronze Medal
Ann Saxton representing Kineton

Team Event
Gold Medal
Warmington (Jennie Boyle, Graham Squires, Chris Huggins and Tristan Bullworthy)
Silver medal
Kineton Men (Alan Woodall, Richard Iwanek, Nick Gunn & Jim Saxton)
Bronze Medal
Kineton Ladies plus 1 (Ann Saxton, Edwina Iwanek, Sheila Woodall & Barry Jackson)

Well done to everyone that took part and a huge thank you to Jennie Boyle for organising the event and to the referees who ably and fairly controlled the play at the different elements.  Thank you also to the groundspeople for their work in transforming the village green.

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