Friday, 6 July 2012

Results of the Wii Mario Kart challenge at St Peter's Church on Sunday 24th June 2012

Whilst teddies risked life and limb (well just limb really) outside the church another group of highly tuned athletes gathered inside the church for the Wii Mario Kart Challenge.  After months (or even years) of dedicated training in the run up to this event everyone knew that the next 2 hours would decide who would emerge as the Edgehill Games Champion.

Whilst the outside event had problems with the weather, the inside event had technology problems and instead of being able to run the event on three Wii consoles it was reduced to two (one running the tournament and the other running the fastest lap challenge).

In the tournament 16 teams competed in four heats for a place in the semi-finals with the 8 highest scoring teams from across all groups going through.  The 4 highest scoring teams from the Semi-finals went through to the final.

The levels of focus and concentration were intense and it was a hard fought contest but in the end the finalists were Magnificence, The Green Farm End Gooseberries, LozBaz and a young pair of drivers all the way from Butlers Marston, Georgie and Ben Malcolm.

Over the four races in the final the lead changed hands several times with rainbow road proving to be particularly challenging.  It was a close fought contest but in the end the results of the tournament were:

Joint Gold Medal winners
  Georgie & Ben Malcolm 
       representing Butlers Marston and 
  Ollie Bamber and Matt Jolly
  (The Green Farm End Goosberries) 
       representing Kineton

Bronze Medal Winners
   LozBaz - Laura Jackson and her dad Barry
        representing Kineton

In the fastest lap challenge was a closely fought battle with only five seconds separating the top places. William James took the Bronze medal, just 2 seconds faster was Ollie Bamber with the Silver, but 3 seconds faster still was John McClelland who won the Gold Medal for Kineton and flew the flag for older lovers of Wii Mario Kart.

Gold Medal Winner
   John McClelland in 2 mins 45:05 seconds 
        representing Kineton

Silver Medal Winner
   Ollie Bamber in 2 mins 48:28 seconds 
        representing Kineton

Bronze Medal Winner
   William James in 2 mins 50:80 seconds 
         representing Kineton

Well done to everyone who took part.  Thank you to the team from St Peter's that organised the event and  to everyone that loaned us Wii's and games so that it could take place. 

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