Friday, 6 July 2012

Results of the Teddy Bear Parachuting at St Peter's Kineton on Sunday 24th June

Crowds gathered at St Peter's Church on Sunday 24th to watch with bated breath as 50 fearless stunt teddies from around the area competed to see who could stay aloft the longest and who could land closest to the target.

One by one the teddies were winched up the church tower and, after a quick safety brief, launched over the edge of the parapet.  It is a credit to the bravery of the teddies that despite some very dubious parachute designs not a single one showed any sign of fear.

Despite one or two very rapid descents the first aid team only had to deal with minor cuts and abrasions which just goes to show how hardy rural teddies can be.

On the whole the weather was good, but there were couple of very heavy showers when the parachutists had to retreat to the church.  There was some concern that the sudden influx of people might interrupt the concentration of the Mario-Karters, but such was the concentration of those professionals that many of them were not even aware of the extra 100 folk that had just rushed into the building (more on that in the next blog post).

After some high quality demonstrations of sporting ability the results were:

Slowest Descent

Gold Medalist:
Soft Thing (owner Tilly Knight) representing Kineton (13.25s)

Silver Medalist
Underteddy (owner Underwood) representing Radway (12.45s)

Bronze Medalist
GoBo (owner Louie Towns) representing Kineton (11.9s)

Nearest the Target

Gold Medalist
Hedgie (owner Charlotte Gibbons) representing Kineton

Silver Medalist
Tiny (owner Georgie Mountford) representing Butlers Marston

Bronze Medalist - showing his all round skill across the disciplines
GoBo  (owner Louie Towns) representing Kineton

Well done to all the teddies and their owners.  A huge thank you to the team from St Peter's who ran this event, especially to Alex & Nick Gunn for organizing it and launching the teddies, Phil Ingle for his commentary and judging and Chris Mills for his amazing BBQ skills.

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