Monday, 16 July 2012

The Results of the Countryside Triathlon at the Shotteswell Fête July 14th 2012 

The rain held off and the sun shone briefly as Olympians from the surrounding area gathered at Shotteswell to contest some of the last medals of the Games.

The attractions at the Fête included plants, books, cakes and tombolas, as well as a very tall man and a collie with a passion for herding ducks. However, the keenest competition was around the end of the field where wellies were wanged, skittles bowled and bales tossed with fervour.

The trick with the welly was all in the letting go. At times the stall holders would have been wise to wear protective gear as wellies flew through the air in all directions except the target.

The ancient wooden balls at the skittle alley were worn with age and were far from spherical, which all added to the unpredictability and the fun.

Bale pitchers were given coaching before the bar was raised and the bales soared into the air. Again the knack was in the flick of the wrist and the bending of the knees.

In the end, the honour of Shotteswell was well and truly upheld by the villagers. A clean sweep of the medals for both men and women was only averted by one brave player from Sibford Ferris. 

The final results were as follows:

Gold, Becky Shardlow from Shotteswell
Silver, Jonquil Sabin from Sibford Ferris
Bronze, Christina Nygaard from Shotteswell

Gold, Ewan Gill from Shotteswell
Silver, David Verinder from Shotteswell
Bronze, Alan Reilly from Shotteswell

As with all our events, thanks are due to everyone who took part, and especially to those who organised the Triathlon and made it happen on the day. Huge fun was had by all, and we wonder why there isn’t a Countryside Triathlon in the London Games.

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