Sunday, 24 June 2012

Results of The Tug of War on 23rd June 2012 at
Ratley Village Fete

The sun came out as four teams took the field for the Tug of War competition.  The teams were evenly matched and at times it seemed like it would be a stalemate with the centre of the rope hardly moving as teams gave it their all.

After a hard fought contest Radway and Ratley won their heats to make it through to the final.   The third place play off between Kineton and the 'The Old Bill' (a team from a mix of different villages) went to one all before The Old Bill took the final pull to win the Bronze.

The first pull was another long one, but it finally went to Ratley.  Then Radway fought back with a quick win in the second pull to level the score.  Once again it all came down to the final pull again.  With a crowd urging them on the Ratley team won the final pull to take the Edgehill Gold and the prize of a barrel of cider (which they promptly shared with Radway).

Final results:

Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal
The Old Bill 

Well done to all the teams that took part and a big thank you to Ken Marples for organising the tug of war and putting up the prize of the cider.  Thanks also to the Ratley Fete for hosting the event

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