Saturday, 16 June 2012

Results of the Tennis Tournament on Saturday 16th June 2012 at Kineton High School

Eight intrepid, dedicated and hardy tennis players turned out to compete for the title of Edgehill Games Tennis Champions at Kineton High School this afternoon.  In weather conditions that would have sent Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, or Maria Sharapova running for the dressing room these committed players battled on.

Although in the end they didn't make the medals positions John Wright and his daughter Lucy deserve a special mention as they finished playing in the hockey tournament and then ran down to take part in the tennis!

The matches, which were the best of 5 games, were played in wind that was gusting so strongly that the ball would move by more than a foot from it's initial trajectory on a strong shot and by far more on a lobbed ball.  Despite the wind and sometimes squally conditions the players were determined to finish the matches.  

Each team played all the others in a league and there was a decisive match between Kineton and Shotteswell early on in the tournament.  Kineton were initially 4-2 up, but Shotteswell fought back to make it 4-4.  Then in the final game Shotteswell were ahead with 2 match points at 40-15, but they failed to capitalise on them and Kineton fought back to make it deuce.  In the end, after some sterling play by both pairs Shotteswell prevailed and took the final game to win the match 5-4.

The final results were:

Gold Medalists (unbeaten in the competition)
Jim and Anne Omer (Shotteswell)

Silver Medalists
David and Clare Rankin (Radway) - not in the picture as they had to leave before the end, but Puffin (far right) received their medals on behalf of Radway

Bronze Medalists
Ian Smith and Mark Stinger (Kineton) - 2 points were deducted from this pair as a handicap for not being 'mixed'

Jim and Anne's victory is all the more remarkable when you realise that their combined age is 140 and that Anne has two replacement knees!

Well done to everyone for battling on in the poor weather conditions and thank you to Ian Smith for organising the competition.  A big thank you also goes to Kineton High School and Get Me Into for hosting the event.

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