Sunday, 24 June 2012

Results of the Children's Races on Saturday 23rd June 2012 at Ratley Village Fete

Unfortunately the strength of the wind at the Ratley village fete meant that any world records set by our young competitors would be invalid.  However that did not stop them running their hearts out with a commitment and determination that made Usain Bolt look like an amateur!

After a great series of races the medal positions were:

Under 4’s (Toddlers race)
Gold Medal - Nicholas from Edge Hill
Silver Medal - Lola from Ratley
Bronze Medal - Mathew from Edge Hill

Reception, years 1 and 2
Gold Medal - Mikey from Edge Hill
Silver Medal - Finlay from Ratley
Bronze Medal - Cameron from Edge Hill
Relay race  – 1st Ratley, 2nd Edge Hill, 3rd mixed team

Years 3 and 4
Gold Medal - Luke from Tysoe
Silver Medal - Jamie from Ratley
Bronze Medal - Katelyn from Kineton
Relay race – 1st Tysoe, 2nd Ratley

Year 5 and 6
Gold Medal - Nathan from Banbury
Silver Medal - Harry from Tysoe

Well done for everyone for taking part and a big thank you to Sue Backhouse, Ruth Hornsby and the rest of the team for running the event. 

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