Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thank you

As a final note on this Blog we are writing to say thank you to everyone for their help in staging the Edgehill games, and to all those that took part.  Many venues generously gave us the use of their facilities for free and that combined with the grants we had (totaling £2,400) from various sources meant that we could keep entry costs low and in some cases free.  
We have had a lot of support for the games from across the area with many different villages competing.  In all we had about 1000 entrants and over 150 referees/judges/caterers across all the events and many more that came to watch and support.  Please do read through the results posted on this blog as we think the entries capture some of the fun that people had in the various competitions.
The aims of the games were to have some fun, to make some new friendships, strengthen old friendships and raise some money for sport relief.  We wanted to do something that would help bring local communities together and we are pleased to say that with the support of many people and organisations we think we achieved all of our goals.  We have just finalised the accounts and we are pleased to say that even though we kept entry fees low we managed to raise over £1,200 for Sport Relief.
We have been asked to run many of the events again and we are exploring how and when we can do that, but we hope to stage the next full blown Edgehill Games in 2016.  Hope you can join us. 
Thanks again for all your support.

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