Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Results of the Modern Pub Pentathlon on Saturday 19th May at Kineton Sports and Social Club

A huge thank you to Kineton Sports and Social for hosting the Modern Pub Pentathlon on May 19
th.  It proved to be a very popular event with sixteen teams battling it out to see who would emerge as the champion.

Cheese rolling proved to be a deciding factor in the final positions with some teams scoring highly and others barely scraping above zero.  Concerns were raised as to whether the cheeses ought to have been stored in a fridge in order to maintain their optimum rolling shape. Unfortunately, however, we could not do any scientific testing to see if the cheeses had lost their shape as they were eaten by the last team to play J

There was some confusion in the rules about some of the events and in particular on the skittles where the rules were unclear and open to interpretation (apologies for that).  This meant that people’s scores varied widely on that event from team to team.  In the spirit of the games, following a post event discussion, the organising committee have decided that on top of those that won on the evening we would also recognise individuals that played by an interpretation of the rules that meant their score would be lower.  However if that means an additional medal for this event on the medals table for a village, then it would not be added in (I hope that makes sense J).  These extra medals will be awarded at either the over 35’s football on the 17th June, the teddy bear parachuting and Wii Mario Kart challenge on the 24th June, or at the Countryside Triathlon as part of Shotteswell village fete.

So in the individual event the results were:


Scoring method 1
Scoring Method 2
Gold Medallists
Richard Flynn (Kineton)
Neil Pugh (Kineton)
Silver Medallists
Sally Flynn (Kineton)
Mike Pearson (Shotteswell)
Bronze Medallists
Wendy Kirby (Finham, Coventry)
Adrian Stewart (Kineton)


Scoring method 1
Scoring Method 2
Gold Medallists
William Flynn (Kineton)
Thomas Paul (Kineton)
Silver Medallists
George Hunter (Finham, Coventry)
Reece Stewart (Kineton)
Bronze Medallists
Noah Guiblin (Kineton)
Will Jackson (Kineton)

All three winners in the team event were from Kineton:
Gold Medallists:
The Kineton Winners (Richard Flynn, Sally Flynn, William Flynn, Noah Guiblin and Mary Medforth)

Silver Medallists:
CAPS (Craig Battison, Anna Pugh, Penny Roberts, Steph Bremner and Ian Smith)

Bronze Medallists:
The Kineton Rangers (Mark Palmer, Alan Neal, Patrick O’Donnell, Morgan Powell, Graham Steer)

Thank you to everyone for coming in and joining in with the fun and thanks to Phil and Barry for organising the evening.

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